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JJM electronics designs and manufactures quality circuit boards for all levels of Physics education.

Our products are aimed specifically at the requirements of the Scottish secondary school Physics syllabus, but we welcome enquiries from anyone involved in Physics education.

Please take time to explore our site.  You will find a full list of our products on the Price List page, or browse the Products page to see images of the available items.  Both pages have links to detailed descriptions of individual products.

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 Optoelectronics College (OEC) 

We are pleased to have been involved with development work for the Optoelectronics College. 

Complete Illumination and Communication pupil kits are now available, and some items are available for separate purchase to enhance and extend experimental activities. 

Optoelectronics College Illumination and Communication

LED Investigations and Light Sensor boards in use
Bending Guide (version 2)

For more information on the Optoelectronics College visit their website at