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Teaching Chip

The Edinburgh University / Motorola Teaching Chip set is a very versataile but underused resource.  These boards are designed to make the chips easier to use in schools, with all connections made using standard 4mm connectors.
Please note that all boards are supplied without the chips - the Teaching Chip set is available from SSERC in Scotland and TEP in England.


The IC under investigation is inserted in the IC socket, then the chip components are accessed via sixteen 4mm terminals.  Circuit function is indicated by a card overlay which fits inside the square of terminals.
Complete overlays of each chip are provided, with further overlays selecting single components or related groups of components for investigation.  A total of 36 different overlays is provided, making this a very flexible resource.

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project board with n-channel mosfets overlay


Two circuit boards are available for use with Chip 1 to allow younger or less confident pupils to investigate Resistance and Length and Resistance and Width.  These investigations could enhance current S1/2 and Standard Grade courses.
A further dedicated board is available for Chip 4 (Ring Oscillator).  This board has prewired all the connections necessary to make the ring oscillator, with on-board switches to select the number of inverters in the ring and a buffered LED "logic probe" to monitor the signal at any one of the outputs.




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