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Optic Communication Set

An optical communication system which works first time, every time.
Allows experimentation with modulated light signal transmitted through air or optic fibre.

Order Code: 25-001  Price: £43.00
(Set includes transmitter and receiver boards, 1m optic fibre and 3.5mm jack input lead.)


  • Transmit speech and music via optic link
  • Transmit through free air or optic fibre
  • Range of tens of cm in air, tens of metres in fibre
  • Accepts signal from mp3, CD, etc headphone output
  • output drives headphones or amplified speaker
  • Input and output connections via 4mm sockets or 3.5mm jack
  • Separate transmitter and receiver boards
  • Supplied with 1 metre optic fibre and 3.5mm input jack lead
  • Longer length fibre available (up to 20m maximum length)

Additional optic fibre:
The package contains a one metre length of fibre which is ideal for pupil use.
Longer pieces of fibre (up to 20m) can be ordered if required.
Order Code : 25-002 (+length) Price £2.20 per metre


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