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Mosfet & npn Transistors

A set of circuit boards for construction of switching and amplifier circuits with a mosfet or npn transistor.  Adresses all learning outcomes and suggested activities in National 5 and Higher courses.
Circuits are built by screw mounting the component panels on the main circuit boards, giving a built circuit which exactly matches the circuit diagram.  Twelve component panels are supplied, including fixed and variable resistors, capacitors, switch, LDR, thermistor, potentiometer, and a bias network for building an amplifier circuit.
Bare components can be used for circuit construction if required - they mount in miniature sockets as in other JJM boards.

NPN Transistor board


MOSFET board (built as light switch)


Component Panels


The Mosfet and npn transistor boards are available separately, but the system has been developed as a complete package and this is the most cost effective way to purchase the boards.
09-001 Mosfet + npn + components : £46.35
09-002 Mosfet + components : £40.00
09-003 npn + components : £39.60

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