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Angus Systems Board

A robust "input - process - output" systems board using 4mm interconnections.
Originally designed for 5 - 14 Science microelectronics content, but suitable for most introductory electronics courses.
Order Code: 20-001  Price: £57.95


  • temperature sensor
  • light sensor
  • slide switch
  • 2 x push switches
  • remote sensors connect via jack sockets
  • all inputs have LED indicators
  • 5V or 6V battery pack or regulated supply
  • 2 x NOT gates
  • 1 x AND gate
  • 1 x OR gate
  • standard gate symbols backed up by named function
  • 4mm connections used throughout

  • bright white LED for light output
  • buzzer (loudness can be altered)
  • relay has "plug on" connector for quick connection of remote loads (e.g.lamp, fan)
  • red LED test probe for testing gates

Accessories available -

Remote sensor pack:
(magnetic proximity switch; simple light gate; time delay; moisture probe)


Order Code: 20-002  Price: £12.55

5V Plugtop Regulated Supply
(with connector)


Order Code: 20-012  Price: £10.45

Pack of five 4mm leads
(25cm, slimline plugs)


Order Code: 20-013  Price: £8.50

Power lead
(with 4mm plugs, for connection to existing regulated supply)


Order Code: 20-011 Price: £3.80

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