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Optoelectronics College Illumination and Communication

These kits originally developed and distributed by the Optoelectronics College are now available for direct purchase, allowing pilot schools to extend their provision and other schools to opt in to this valuable resource.
Order Code: 26-100  Price: £64.50



  • 1 x LED Investigations Board
  • 1 x Light Sensor Board
  • 2 x Battery Boxes
  • 2 x Voltmeter Leads
  • 1 x Pack "extra" LEDs (two infrared, one diffuse red, one each clear yellow, orange, yellow, white)
  • 1 x Remote LED (version 2, integrated in holder)
  • 1 x Remote Photodiode  (version 2, integrated in holder)
  • 1 x Set of Light Guides
  • 6 x Fibre Couplers (two each for 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1.0mm fibres)
  • 1 x Pack Optical Fibres (for linking above boards and investigating fibre characteristics)
  • 1 x Bending Guide (version 2 "tower")

Some parts available separately -

LED Investigations Board
  • importance of polarity
  • brightness vs current
  • brightness vs voltage
  • turn-on voltage vs colour 

Supplied with battery box, voltmeter lead and  full pack of "extra" LEDs


Order Code: 26-001 Price: £24.50

Light Sensor
  • on board sensor
  • output voltage proportional to irradiance
  • switchable amplifier gain
  • LED as "digital output
Supplied with battery box and voltmeter lead. 


Order Code: 26-002  Price: £17.50

Extra LEDs
Pack of "extra" LEDs for use with LED Investigation Board - now includes white LED along with diffuse red, clear orange, yellow and violet, and two infrared LEDs.


Order Code: 26-011  Price: £3.00

Optical Fibres


Order Code: 26-031 Price: £0.85
1 x 100cm length 0.5mm unclad fibre (for number of bends investigation)
Order Code: 26-032 Price: £1.25
1 x 150cm length 0.75mm unclad fibre (for bend radius investigation)
Order Code: 26-033 Price: £0.75
1 x 30cm length 1mm clad fibre (for linking boards for LED Brightness investigations) 
Order Code: 26-034 Price: £0.65
30cm length each of 0.50mm and 0.75mm unclad fibre (for fibre diameter investigation) 
Fibre Couplers to be purchased separately, priced at £1.10 per pair
26-021     2 x Fibre Couplers 0.50mm 
26-022     2 x Fibre Couplers 0.75mm 
26-023     2 x Fibre Couplers 1.0mm  

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