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Potential Divider and Components

A set of circuit boards for investigating potential divider circuits in National 5 and Higher courses.  The set consists of a Potential Divider board and fifteen component panels.
Circuits are built by screw mounting the component panels on the main circuit board, giving a built circuit matching the circuit diagram.  

Potential Divider board


Built Potential Divider


Component Panels


Seven fixed resistors are supplied  - the 1kW, 2kW, 3kW and 10kW resistors allow for simple ratio potential dividers, whilst the 680W and 820W give more complex ratios and allow for mixed W and kW examples.  Resistors are all 1% tolerance so measured voltages are in very convincing agreement with calculated values.
Panels with 5kW variable resistor, thermistor, LDR, switch and potentiometer allow construction of potential dividers with variable output.
Two capacitor panels allow investigation of RC charging circuits.
An LED panel allows for practical LED resistor design examples. 
10-001 Potential Divider + components : £37.55

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